How we define value and the stakeholders who help us create it

We endeavour to create value for all our stakeholders in the short, medium and long term. By defining what value means to us, we align the organisation to a common purpose: we all understand what we need to do.

How we define value

Sustainable value creation depends on successful interactions with our stakeholders. Using our refreshed values as the basis of all exchanges, we aim to engage proactively with those who impact Nampak, as well as those on whom we have an impact. This informs our strategy development and evaluation, our risk management as well as our material issues.

Although stakeholder relationship management is implemented across the group, our social, ethics and transformation committee monitors the company’s activities in this regard. The Nampak board of directors, however, retains ultimate responsibility for corporate reputation and stakeholder relationships. Opportunities and risks arising from stakeholder engagements are also addressed in our risk management process.